Amber and Shawn Hubler have been two very close friends of mine every since I met them in 2018. I believe they had already been engaged once I met them, but they had no yet taken engagement photos. I had the incredible opportuntiy to shoot their engagement photos and it was one of the most colorful, creative and exciting engagement sessions I have photographed. WE HAD A PAINT WAR! All I can say was it was the best idea ever. You need to check these photos out, click on the button below! 
Amber and Shawn have always been an inspiration to me because they lead selflessly, encourage everyone they encounter and love their friends unconditionally. When they asked me to photograph their wedding I was more than honored and filled with excitement. So many of our mutual friends would be there to celebrate their marriage and we would all get to spend a day filled with joy. Amber and Shawn have since moved into their own townhome and are happily sharing every moment together opening up their home to share memories and moments with their close friends. They are continuing their legacy of leading and loving unconditionally. They are a true blessing in my life. 

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